Global Technology Leadership Forum

Global Technology Leadership Forum

On December 5–6, Sochi will host the Global Technology Leadership Forum, organized by RVC and the NTI Platform with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Leading positions in technology markets are a key factor in global competition. The development of cross-cutting technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, quantum communications, robotics, is the priority task of the National Technology Initiative. And for its successful implementation, effective cooperation of all participants in the innovation ecosystem is needed.

Representatives of high-tech companies, development institutes, research organizations, authorities and investors will gather at the Global Technology Leadership Forum to design new models of Russian technology policy. More than 1000 participants will discuss the country's place in the new decade of cross-cutting technologies, high-tech areas that determine the global economy of the future, and the role of corporations in providing global technological leadership.

Among the forum topics:

  •      Presentations of roadmaps for the development of high-tech industries and technological consortia based on artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, robotics, AR and VR technologies and other technologies.
  •      Effective cooperation mechanisms and technological platforms to accelerate scientific and technological development.
  •      How the state is developing technology: supporting and stimulating the transition of business to high-tech industries.
  •      NTI ecosystem: dissemination of best practices, best practices and key competencies in the development of science, technology and innovation.

The forum will be held in the main media center of Sochi (Olympic Avenue, Building 1).



Information posted 17.10.2019
Information changed 17.10.2019