Amendments under way. Yet the law on Public-private partnership which didn't come into force it is necessary

- In spite of the fact that the federal law on Public-private partnership is only adopted, here 10 years the law on concession agreements, more functions than in 70 regions the laws on Public-private partnership are adopted. How the market in connection with emergence of the new law will change?

- In spite of the fact that we fought more than three years for completion and adoption of the federal law, all this time, in regions laws on Public-private partnership were adopted, at the federal level completion of the law on concession agreements which it is already possible to call the effective tool for implementation of infrastructure projects today was conducted. From the moment of the publication of official statistics about the planned and realized PPP projects in territorial subjects of the Russian Federation in March, 2015 the total of the projects which are in various stages - increased almost twice, on 403 projects, and today makes 998 projects. Enter this number as such classical forms as concessions and regional agreements on PPP, and quasi PPP projects - long-term investment agreements, contracts of life cycle and lease contracts with investment obligations.

- What key features of the new law you would note?

- Adoption of the federal law is already key event for the market. If to allocate concrete provisions, it is possible to note possibility of a private property as an obligatory element of the agreement at creation of new objects. But it is worth paying attention that in this case the investor is obliged to provide full or partial financing of creation of such infrastructure and operation of object according to its target providing. If the volume of expenses of the public party at implementation of the PPP project are more, than the volume of expenses of the private party, the private partner is obliged to transfer object of the agreement to the possession of the state after the term determined by the agreement.

Information posted 27.07.2015
Information changed 27.07.2015