For large investment projects of Rostov there was a possibility of one-day registration of the rights

The innovation concerns projects which are included into the list of "100 governor's projects" and into the section "Vanguard" of the list of Priority investment projects of the Don capital.

The agency of strategic initiatives developed the investment standard of activity of executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation. One of indicators of a rating of evaluation of the work of regions is the average time of registration of the rights and average number of procedures in the sphere of the state registration of the rights. For the purpose of improvement of value of this indicator by Management of Federal Registration Service across the Rostov region one-day registration of the rights for large-scale investment projects which are included into the list of "100 Governor's investment projects" approved by the Governor of the Rostov region is entered.

Among them such as construction: - international Congress Center "Hayat Ridzhensi Rostov Don-Plaz"; - business complex, including Sheraton hotel; - second turn of MEGAMAG shopping mall; - third METRO center; - residential areas "Suvorovsky", "Leventsovsky", etc.

Information posted 13.08.2015
Information changed 13.08.2015