To businessmen suggest to estimate investment climate of Rostov-on-Don

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Agency of strategic initiatives of promotion of new projects" carries out an assessment of effects of implementation of the plans of measures ("road maps") directed on improvement of investment climate to the Russian Federation on the basis of polls of enterprise community.

The next survey of businessmen is conducted in 10 directions:

- availability of power infrastructure;

- competition development;

- customs administration; - registration of the enterprises;

- registration of the property right;

- access for subjects of small and average business to purchases of infrastructure monopolies and the companies with the state participation;

- construction;

- export support;

- quality of the regulatory environment for business;

- tax administration.

For participation in poll till September 5, 2015 it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire on the official site of Agency of strategic initiatives of an e-mail address: http://инвестклимат.рф. 

Information posted 26.08.2015
Information changed 26.08.2015