Innovative technologies presented on reception of the head of administration of the city

On October 23, the head of administration of the city Sergey Gorban carried out reception of businessmen of Rostov within which discussed their projects and offers.

In reception deputy heads of administration of Rostov and the director of the department of a city economy took part the Representative on protection of the rights of businessmen in the Rostov region.

During reception discussed questions of construction of the sports children's center. During discussion Sergey Gorban noted that sports projects will be always supported by the City administration.

The representative of one of the companies of Rostov suggested to use the electric equipment made by its firm for needs of the city. The order in details to work the matter was given.

The individual entrepreneur from the city of Krasnodar presented reflecting decorative panels which can be used for registration of the city by holidays, a WC 2018 and for decoration of facades of the Don capital. Discussion of this subject will be continued.

Also the head of administration of the city considered the social project on leaving and supervision for elderly people.

All offers and projects during reception were considered. The head of administration of the city also informed participants on measures which the City administration undertakes for maintenance of small and medium business.

Receptions by the town governor of representatives of business community of the Don capital take place on a regular basis, since April, 2015.

It is possible to register in reception having followed the link:

Information posted 27.10.2015
Information changed 27.10.2015