The Rostov enterprises keep high rates of production

On November 3, the head of administration of the city Sergey Gorban visited Almaz plant. The town governor examined production shops and examined products.

The enterprise was created in 1968 as "The Rostov telephone plant". Subsequently it was renamed into "Diamond" and for many years remained to one of leaders in the south of the country of producers of the radio-electronic equipment. Today the plant treats federal Management of the radio-electronic industry and control systems, and all 100% of its actions are in property of the state.

As the CEO of JSC Almaz Alexander Zavyalov told, in difficult economic conditions the management of the enterprise managed to keep group of engineers and workers, to start development of new products and technologies, sales markets of both military, and civil production. Among customers of plant - such structures as the Ministry of Defence, FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the industrial enterprises, the bank and financial organizations, the telecommunication companies.

Today the enterprise lets out means of specialcommunication, and also consumer goods: locks, inhalers, etc. Here too make installation of radio-electronic components, powder coloring of hardware, carry out other types of works.

According to Alexander Zavyalov, today the plant has no debt on taxes, a salary and the credits. In various levels of the budget the enterprise paid about 103 million rubles since the beginning of year. Security with orders makes 200%. The main task of plant - to launch for today highly profitable production.

The head of administration of Rostov also noted that at the enterprise graduates of the leading Don technical colleges successfully find a job.

Sergey Gorban promised to give to plant all support within the powers which are available for municipality.

Information posted 09.11.2015
Information changed 09.11.2015