Medium business of Rostov doesn't reduce outputs

On November 27, 2015 the head of administration of the Don capital Sergey Gorban visited with working visit of JSC Oboronpromkompleks, located in Sovetsky district. Part in action was also taken by the deputy head of administration concerning economy Sergey Razdorsky, the acting head of administration of Sovetsky district Oleg Kirsanov, directors.

The North Caucasian production and delivery enterprise "Oboronpromkompleks" is created in 1956. Now it is the largest service provider in the sphere of logistics and supply. The main activities - a complete set of large and construction objects any kinds of inventory items, logistics and storage of freights.

"Oboronpromkompleks" has own production and technological complex occupying the space in 5 hectares. Also the enterprise has own warehouse spaces of the closed and open storage, a shunting locomotive and 2 km of own railway tracks.

Sergey Gorban examined a complex on production of a professional flooring and metal tile. According to the deputy CEO of the Rostov branch "Metallprofil" Dmitry Belofastov, about 25% of production of roofing materials fall to the share of the company. In a year the enterprise processes 2500 tons of metal. Production is provided by 35 workers.

However, according to the town governor, the Rostov producers provide about 50% of the market of construction materials today. Therefore the municipality supports creation of small enterprises which will provide needs of the region.

Also Sergey Gorban got acquainted with production of JSC Aray. The enterprise delivers a tin and its varnishing.

Information posted 27.11.2015
Information changed 27.11.2015