In Rostov active preparation for Continuous statistical supervision over activity of subjects of small and medium business began

As reported in Department of a city economy, within three last weeks registrars visit business centers, and multipurpose complexes. They tell businessmen about the purposes and problems of Continuous supervision, hand to them statinstrumentariya. In Rostov-on-Don registrars bypassed already about 15 thousand legal entities – small and the microenterprises - to registration addresses.

Since November 30 in Rostovstat the inspectors who are engaged in formation of correspondence which will be sent to the individual entrepreneurs and legal entities registered out of places of mass registration got to work.

Participating in business census it is offered to fill simple questionnaires. In January, 2016 they will receive them by mail in an envelope with a logo of Continuous supervision. All necessary data have to be provided till April 1, 2016.

On the basis of the obtained data the state will be able to estimate a level of development of this sector of business and to offer new measures for its support. Businessmen, in turn, will see unoccupied niches, opportunities for expansion of partner communications.

Information posted 14.12.2015
Information changed 14.12.2015