Investors of Rostov received subsidies for compensation of percent on the attracted loans for the investment purposes

Since October 12 of the current year the Department of a city economy of Rostov-on-Don carried out order taking for receiving a subsidy from the city budget for compensation of part of expenses for payment of percent on the attracted loans obtained on the investment purposes, including an innovative orientation. During the period 4 meetings of the commission on selection of investors on receiving subsidies on which 14 demands were considered took place from 10.11.2015 till 18.12.2015. By results of meetings of the commission the decision on granting subsidies to 11 subjects of investment activity for the total amount of 23,7 million rubles, from them is made:

- 18, 00 million rubles – budget funds of the city;

- 5,7 million rubles – the means of the regional budget presented in the form of the grant received following the results of a rating assessment of efficiency of activities of municipalities of the Rostov region for attraction of investments.

Subsidies are provided:

1. JSC Optiks-Yug - the credit is obtained on the investment project for the organization of the medical and diagnostic center.

2. JSC Hermes-Alpha - the credit is obtained on construction and re-equipment of Quiet Don shopping mall.

3. YIP Goncharova Olga Aleksandrovna-the credit is obtained on purchase of the equipment for opening of restaurant of a fast food according to the franchize Subway.

4. JSC Meditsinsky Center Gippokrat - for all sum of the credit is acquired the medical diagnostic equipment.

5. JSC Alberto Rossi South - the credit is obtained on the organization of a shoe warehouse and products from skin.

6. JSC Gorod KOFE - for all sum of the credit acquired the vending coffee and combined machines.

7. JSC Medical and Diagnostic Center SOKOL - proceeds of credit are allocated for acquisition of the elevator, elevator for wheelchairs and the medical equipment.

8. JSC Megamag - the credit is obtained on building of the 1st turn of Megamag shopping center.

9. JSC Medical Diagnostic Center Ekspert - the credit is obtained on acquisition of the medical equipment of ultrasonic diagnostics.

10. JSC Firm Liter - the credit is obtained on acquisition of the equipment for production of floor coverings and plastic products.

11. YIP Kitaikying Alexey Borisovich-the credit is obtained on acquisition of the equipment for production of paper and a cardboard.

All recipients of a subsidy undertake to provide for the term of not less than one year from the moment of receiving a subsidy preservation of average number of workers and growth of an average salary of workers in comparison with a year of receiving a subsidy.

Information posted 24.12.2015
Information changed 24.12.2015