Subjects of small and medium business compensated expenses on leasing payments

Since September 14, 2015 the Department of a city economy of Rostov-on-Don accepted demands for granting subsidies for compensation of expenses on leasing payments.

For the entire period of documents acceptance 5 meetings of the commission were held. Representatives of branch (functional) bodies of the City administration of Rostov-on-Don, public organizations and communities of the city are a part of the commission.

The commission made an assessment of demands according to the following selection criteria: the size and growth of a salary of workers, volume of the paid tax payments in the consolidated budget of the Rostov region.

Following the results of meetings of the commission the decision to finance 38 demands of subjects of small and average business for total amount of 25 million rubles was made.

Information posted 30.12.2015
Information changed 30.12.2015