Information for businessmen on mechanisms of receiving services, including state

Dear residents of Rostov-on-Don! The government of the Rostov region carries out work on increase of knowledge of businessmen of mechanisms of receiving services, including state:

1. "Mechanism of issue of construction licenses";

2. "About activity of the multipurpose centers of providing the state and municipal services (MFTs);

3. "Mechanism of receiving services in licensing of medical activity";

4. "The mechanism of receiving the state service in licensing of activities for transportations of passengers by the motor transport equipped for transportations more than eight people";

5. "Mechanism of receiving services in connection to gas supply networks";

6. "Mechanism of connection to networks of water supply and water disposal";

7. "Mechanism of receiving services in connection to systems of heat supply";

8. "The mechanism of receiving service of technological connection of the power accepting devices of legal entities the iindividualnykh of businessmen with the maximum power of power accepting devices up to 150 kW";

9. "The mechanism of statement of the land plot on the cadastral account. Territorial planning";

10. "Procedure of registration of ownership rights";

11. "Mechanism of registration of the enterprises and individual entrepreneurs".

To examine, "the businessman's instructions", it is possible in the section "Consulting, Maintenance, Business Services"

Information posted 11.01.2016
Information changed 11.01.2016