In 2016 in Rostov 110 actions for implementation of the President's letter to Federal Assembly of Russia will be realized

For implementation of the President's letter of the Russian Federation to Federal Assembly of Russia of December 3, 2015 the City administration of Rostov-on-Don developed the complex interindustry plan of measures for 2016.

The plan included 110 actions grouped in 13 directions:

  1. counteraction to extremism and xenophobia;
  2. ensuring international and interreligious consent;
  3. prevention and counteraction of corruption;
  4. interaction of the power and civil society;
  5. business support;
  6. implementation of Presidential decrees of the Russian Federation of 07.05.2012;
  7. social support of citizens with limited opportunities;
  8. increase of the budgetary efficiency;
  9. improvement of investment climate;
  10. international economic cooperation;
  11. educational development of the city;
  12. development of health care of the city;
  13. support of non-profit organizations;
  14. formation of professional shots.

For improvement of investment climate in 2016 Council for investments at the head of administration of Rostov-on-Don will continue work, support of investment projects and granting subsidies to subjects of investment activity will be continued.

- Realization of the actions which included in the plan for the President's letter will allow not only to improve the current situation, but also will provide good base for future development, - the director of the department of economy Svetlana Kambulova emphasized.

Information posted 01.02.2016
Information changed 01.02.2016