Sergey Gorban: In new economic conditions Rostov-on-Don has to keep the status of the successful and developed city

The head of administration of Rostov Sergey Gorban discussed social and economic development of the Don capital with representatives of enterprise community. The meeting took place on a platform of Centre-Invest bank.

Opening a meeting, Sergey Gorban listed the main achievements of the city for the last 2015. So, Rostov-on-Don is included into number 15 of the most economically developed cities of Russia today. 90 thousand enterprises of different forms of ownership act on its territory. Steadily the industry develops. On production volume Rostov – the absolute leader in area. Its share in production of the region – 40%.

In commercial structures nearly a half of economically active population works. In only one small business over 199 thousand people are occupied.

The head of administration especially noted achievements of the large city-forming enterprises of the city. Thanks to them, following the results of last year, the index of industrial production reached record value – 168,9%.

For last year the number of the investment projects which are on maintenance of the City administration - with 61 to 141 more than twice increased. The total amount of investments makes 309 billion rubles.

In 2016 the municipality will continue to give support to small and medium business. According to the deputy head of administration concerning economy Sergey Razdorsky, one of the most popular forms the financial aid still is. Last year the city provided 180 subsidies to subjects of business for the total amount of 101,6 million rubles.

Granting subsidies in the current year will be continued. For this purpose us it is planned to raise funds of regional and federal budgets of not less than 75 million rubles.

After summing up social and economic development of Rostov businessmen could ask the questions to the head of administration.

Information posted 09.02.2016
Information changed 09.02.2016