Sergey Gorban participated in a meeting of the regional organizing committee on preparation and carrying out the games 2018 World Cup

On Friday, March 11, in the Government of the Rostov region the meeting of regional organizing committee for preparation and carrying out games of the FIFA World Cup of 2018 in Rostov-on-Don took place.

The governor of RO Vasily Golubev, the deputy governor Yury Molodchenko, the Minister of Construction, architecture and a territorial development of the region Nikolay Bezuglov, the head of administration of Rostov-on-Don Sergey Gorban participated in a meeting.

As the press service of the Governor of the region, on improvement of the territory adjacent to Rostov Arena stadium reports, the regional treasury will allocate 250 million rubles.

The scheme of the movement of transport, passenger and pedestrian streams is developed for ensuring easy access on Rostov Arena stadium during the international sports tournament.

As the city's mayor reported, the forest part of a left bank will be arranged well. In the current year is planned to clear the territory of the woods of 30 hectares and to plant 10 thousand trees on the area of 22 hectares.

Important is a question of formation of pedestrian approach to a northern entrance "Rostov Arena" in borders of the city beach. There sites of 5,3 hectares and 10,4 hectares are created, the first, at the moment, undergoes procedure of statement on the cadastral registration with the subsequent transfer to concession. For the second site search of the investor is actively carried out.

Within the agenda discussed a question of a condition of infrastructure of means of placement of client groups.

The city administration keeps the register of collective means of placement in the city of Rostov-on-Don. For March 1 of the current year in the list 117 objects appear: hotels, sanatoria, park hotels, mini-hotels, hostels. Within the international sports tournament Rostov-on-Don will host five matches of the championship – 17, 20, 23, on June 26 and on July 2, 2018. According to requirements of FIFA to place all fans and participants of client groups (team, the judicial case, representatives of FIFA), the region has to provide 6 477 numbers.

Information posted 11.03.2016
Information changed 11.03.2016