On the place of the operating airport in Rostov-on-Don will build the new residential district

In the new residential district which will occupy about 400 hectares of present air harbor about 4 million sq.m of a residential real estate will be constructed. Investments into the project are estimated at 156 billion rubles.

The president of the company builder Veniamin Golubitsky declared that in the new residential district besides housing also social objects and quite considerable massif of a commercial real estate will settle down.

Construction, however, will begin not earlier than 2018 — yet there will be no new airport complex in 35 km from the southern capital, the airport until then operating will still accept flights.

By the way, earlier city authorities, announcing construction of the residential district, noted that this process will take not less than one and a half decades (till 2035), but then was called that the area of a housing estate to make about 1,5 million "squares". Today the potential investor tells construction will be conducted "step by step".

At the same time, Golubitsky confirmed that the huge pedestrian zone on the place of a present landing strip which occupies 15 hectares of the area will become one of counters of future area. About same in November of the last year told also the Rostov city manager, commenting on a question that quite recently the runway was capitally repaired, invested about one billion rubles in it and what the sense of these expenditure consists in if all the same then it has to be "rolled" under skyscrapers.

Besides, the city's mayor sounded that the idea of transfer to this area of new suburban bus station is discussed ("old" is near Olimp-2 stadium at October Square).

Information posted 16.03.2016
Information changed 16.03.2016