Youth innovative convention of the Rostov region – 2016

Registration for Youth innovative convention – is open 2016. 

Applications are accepted till 25.04.2016.

Youth innovative convention – unique action on which the most talented and resourceful young people of the Rostov region can prove to be, the ideas and, above all – to get financial support, and also to meet adherents and partners.

The youth innovative convention of the Rostov region in 2016 is traditionally carried out on three nominations:

– The best innovative product;

– The best innovative project;

– The best innovative idea.

Talented young scientists – representatives of scientific community aged till 35 years whose purposeful activities for formation of a scientific picture of the world gained recognition from scientific community in this or that form, and also innovators – the organizers of innovations providing interaction of all participants of innovative process will be able to submit the bid.

Registration for a competition:

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