"START" program support start-ups in the early stages of innovative activity

Implemented by accepting applications for the program "Start". The purpose of the Program - assistance to innovators, that seeking to develop and master the production of new goods, products, technologies or services with the use of the results of their scientific and technological research that are at the initial stage of development and have great potential commercialization.

Should be borne in mind that the program "Start" is primarily focused on initiative of scientists who want create a stable business, based on their innovative ideas. It follows that the most promising candidates in the competition should be enough young people , well are aware of the problems facing them, well oriented not only in science and technology, but also in the market, have high ambitions that can generate effective team.

Given that support for small innovative enterprises is carried out from the budget, it is assumed that the victory in the competition, the company is required to successfully implement its three-year plans and including the commercialization of developed products. For this reason, a small innovative company or team applicants who receive budgetary financial support under the program "Start" of the first year, but failed to fulfill its obligations to the Fund, should not rely on the re-financing of the program "Start".

The program is based on the principle of public-private partnership: the state budget implements only part of the measures necessary for business development. In the first year the Foundation provides funding for NIOKR and controls were obtained whether any of their follow-up. The result is reduced to an acceptable level the risk of the private investor. From the second year, the Foundation provides funding on an equal footing, that is, small innovative enterprise should attract extra-budgetary sources of funding or to invest their own resources.

Information posted 27.04.2016
Information changed 27.04.2016