System "Municipal land control of the city of Rostov- on-Don » won first place at the All-Russia competition «PROF-IT.2016»

Innovative IT - solution, embedded in the department of property - the city of Rostov land relations - on - Don, took first place in the category "IT in Housing and nature competition "PROF -. IT.2016» Protection projects and awards ceremony held in the city of Ufa, 16 and 17 May 2016 .



Deputy Director of the Department of Property - Land Relations Senicheva Elena presented a project in the city of Ufa

Presented MKS system (municipal land control ) works in the Department of property and land relations in the framework of departmental GISOD system ( Geographic Information System maintenance activities ) . GISOD provides automation of most processes of property and land sector in the city of Rostov- on-Don and is including a source of information on investment sites of Rostov- on-Don , presented on the investment map of the city .

The Statuette, received represented Rostov - on - Don Project

The aim of the competition " TRAC -IT» - stimulation of innovation , identify and promote the best solutions in the field of information technology , IT services , - development for the benefit of citizens , economic well-being of municipalities , regions and countries . In the IV All-Russian competition "TRAC -IT» participated 117 works from 38 regions. In the final of the competition took part 30 projects in 10 major categories. The winners and laureates of "PROF -IT» determined by a vote of the participants in the internal protection of the final protection, so the victory in the contest means the recognition of the professional community. The project of Rostov - on - Don is far ahead of competitors: the three leaders Samara Region and the Republic of Tatarstan.

The maximum score 3

Information posted 20.05.2016
Information changed 20.05.2016