On May 25, 2016 the Government of RO has approved the Resolution No. 362

The order establishes procedure of the conclusion of the special investment contract signed by the Rostov region without participation of the Russian Federation. The contract is signed by a regional industry and energy ministry within the budgetary appropriations provided by the law on the regional budget with the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur who assume liabilities in the provided time by own efforts or with involvement of other persons to create, modernize or master industrial production in the territory of the region for the purpose of provision to the investor of measures of stimulation. The special investment contract is signed for the term equal to the term of a release of the investment project to project operating profit according to the business plan of the investment project increased for 5 years, but no more than 10 years. The conclusion order has been accepted by the Rostov region of the special investment contract at a meeting of the Don government according to the regional law "About Industrial Policy in the Rostov Region" of October 20, 2015 No. 418-3C. Earlier, we will remind, in Don region there was no complex legal act regulating the relations between the subjects conducting activities in the industry sphere. In the law the main directions of support of scientific and technical activities and innovative activities, the direction of information and consulting support, and also support of subjects in the industry sphere in the field of development of personnel potential and foreign economic activity are determined. Creation and development of industrial parks and industrial clusters shall become the main component of regional development of an industrial complex of area. The law is urged to become a basis for development of the Don industry, increase of its competitiveness and efficiency that is especially actual for import substitution development.

The resolution from 5/25/2016 No. 362 "About a conclusion Order the Rostov region of the special investment contract"

Information posted 28.06.2016
Information changed 28.06.2016