The head of administration of the city Sergey Gorban has once again met entrepreneurs of Proletarsky district

Participation in the action which has taken place on July 5 was accepted by the representative for protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Rostov region Oleg Dereza, the deputy head of administration of the city of Rostov-on-Don concerning economy Sergey Razdorsky, the director of the department of economy Svetlana Kambulova, the head of administration of Proletarsky district Yury Polyakov. The question devoted to improvement of infrastructure of Rostov, its preparation for the FIFA World Cup became a principal theme of meeting. Opening a meeting, Sergey Gorban has noted that the economic situation in the city still is in a difficult situation. However, despite all difficulties, Rostov adapts to new conditions. - In many fields of activity we observe noticeable growth rates. Positive changes in economy happen thanks to active work of each district of the city, including Proletarian, - Sergey Gorban has emphasized. According to the city's mayor, today on support of administration of Proletarsky district there are more than 20 investment projects and business ideas.

The part of them – 16 projects, for the total amount more than 56 billion rubles, are passported according to the approved standards and are on escort of the head of administration of the city. One of important issues of the agenda – development of infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don. So, there are several entrances on the city territory. Investors especially were interested in a condition of entry into Rostov from 40-letiya Pobedy Avenue. There was a question: Whether "It will be possible to arrange well it soon?". The city's mayor has promised that very soon this entrance not only will be recovered, but also the road will be improved here. Besides, the Administration plans to create a special bicycle path, and also to enhance lighting of the route. According to Sergey Gorban, entries into the city is a person of Rostov therefore any offers on their improvement will be actively considered. Entrepreneurs have also expressed readiness already now to realize the projects directed to improvement of image of Rostov. In this case they hope to get support from the city authorities. Sergey Gorban has noted that the city administration is ready to support any similar project. The main works connected with improvement of infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don shall be finished prior to the beginning of a WC of 2018. At meeting the questions concerning a health care subject were also considered. The project of reconstruction of a polyclinic "Hippocrates" is declared. Organizers have already bought the latest equipment. Now testing of new system of servicing of patients is held. The project shall become part of a health care system of the Don capital.

According to the city's mayor, the power is interested in each project of this industry. Rostov-on-Don aims to become the medical center of the South. However, in case of implementation of such project, it should be taken into account conditions of the high competition. It is necessary to take care of forming of a great demand on the offered services.

The director of city Department of economy Svetlana Kambulova has reminded representatives of business community that the My Business portal where the up-to-date information necessary for them for implementation of various projects is placed actively works. According to Svetlana Kambulova, in a case when any data are not found, it is possible to address safely to city Department of economy – there it is possible to receive the answer to any arisen question.

In completion of a meeting Sergey Gorban has noted need of cooperation of the power with entrepreneurs of Rostov. Support of such dialogue will help the city to cope with all economic difficulties, development of entrepreneurship promotes improvement of all spheres of life of the city.

Traditionally, after the end of a meeting with businessmen the head of administration has visited the entities operating in the territory of the area. Sergey Gorban has visited a building site of Lenta hypermarket, having noted that the working schedule is carried out successfully, and also in Print-service typography, having given appreciation to technologies which are applied here, the equipment and work of collective.

Information posted 06.07.2016
Information changed 06.07.2016