Investors of Rostov have received subsidies for compensation of percent on the attracted loans for the investment purposes

From March 21 to July 8 the current year the Department of a city economy of Rostov-on-Don performed order taking for receipt of a subsidy from the city budget for the purpose of compensation of part of expenses on interest payment on the attracted loans obtained on the investment purposes including an innovative orientation.

For this period 3 commission sessions on selection of investors on receipt of subsidies on which 7 requests have been considered have taken place. By results of commission sessions the decision on provision of subsidies to 6 subjects of investing activities from city budget for the total amount of 18 million rubles is made. The limit of the budget for 2016 is reached. Order taking is ended.

Subsidies are provided:

1. NAKHICHEVANSKY BAZAR - borrowing facilities are directed to implementation of the investment project on creation of the business center "Factory" located in the territory of the former Don confectionery at the address: Rostov-on-Don, 40th line, 57/31.

2. HERMITAGE Hotel - the credit is obtained on construction of Don Quixote hotel of a class 2 * to the address: Rostov-on-Don, Ulyanovskaya St., 58.

3. Donskaya gofrotara - the credit is obtained for acquisition of the new equipment for new construction, expansion and reconstruction of production base with placement of a complex of paper-making production and construction of warehouse base in an industrial zone "Zarechnaya".

4. MEATH - on borrowing facilities is purchased the equipment – the machine of a flexographic seal with the finishing EF-430/12 functions with the additional equipment

5. Plast Industriya - the credit is obtained on acquisition of the equipment – a thermoforming machine.

6. Prof-Press Publishing House - all credit amount is sent on construction of a production and warehouse complex to the address: Rostov Region, Aksay, Sholokhov St., 1B. Receivers of a subsidy of all have kept 1430 workplaces, from them 213 new workplaces are created in 2016. All receivers of a subsidy undertake to provide for the term of at least one year from the moment of receipt of a subsidy preserving average number of workers and growth of an average salary of workers in comparison with a year of receipt of a subsidy.

Information posted 18.07.2016
Information changed 18.07.2016