The news Business navigator of subjects of the Russian Federation is created

As has reported Department of a city economy, being guided by a task of illumination of strategic programs of support of business in regions and uniform investment development of the territories, the News of Russia public news agency and editorial office of the Economic Politics of Russia magazine create the News Business navigator of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Free of charge the interested executive bodies of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and Administration of all types of municipalities, and also the profile organizations and organizations can tell about new opportunities in creating favorable conditions for business. It is noted that thanks to impartial system of placement on a portal of information on development mechanisms of business activity on places the differentiated approach from federal bodies of the power and the international business community to each region of Russia is provided, the natural analysis of features of its development, a personnel, social and economic and investment potential.

In the course of forming of the news Business navigator of subjects of the Russian Federation there is an informing the population of the country on new opportunities of regions of Russia in business support. Also demonstration of new approaches in policy of development of entrepreneurship in subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities, detection of competitive advantages of representatives of industries of regional economy and the social sphere, assistance to heads of the regional entities and organizations in distribution of successful examples of business, the presentation successful the practician of regional and municipal authorities of the executive authority is carried out in case of implementation of actions for providing a sustainable development of economy and social stability, an assessment of resources, opportunities and internal allowances of regions of Russia.

Information is staticized in sections of the Main menu "Investments" and "Business" on the News of Russia portal of State bodies of management represent projects and programs in questions of social and economic and investment development, ensuring financial stability, business development and the consumer market, tax incentives, creation of the new markets in spheres of deliveries to the domestic market, high technologies, export, implementation of the best management decisions in the sphere of decriminalization of business activity. Materials on development of measures for decrease in administrative pressure upon private companies, enhancement of the tax legislation and promoting of entrepreneurship as type of activity are also provided. The organizations and the entities can publish actual offers on the goods, works or services for providing a sustainable development of economy, social stability and development of the competition in subjects of the Russian Federation. It is possible to present the perspective directions of development of competitiveness and increase of level of investment appeal of the territories by means of special service on the page.

Information posted 19.07.2016
Information changed 19.07.2016