The Skolkovo Foundation began to give grants to "agrarian" startups

The Skolkovo Foundation updated grant policy. From now on the resident companies of a biomedical cluster in the "Biotechnologies in Agriculture and the Industry" direction also can apply for grants.

About all procedures necessary for receiving a grant, residents will be in details informed in September, on the special event organized by grant and expert service of Skolkovo Foundation. Her head, the vice-president of Skolkovo Foundation Kirill Bulatov told about an innovation.

The residents of a biomedical cluster who are engaged in agrarian technologies can apply for all line of the grants offered by Fund from 5 million to 300 million rubles, Mr. Bulatov reported. Three stages within joint financing are provided: 25 for 75%, 50 on 50 and 75 for 25%.

"They are divided not only on the grant sum, but also a stage of technological development of the project. Applicants for a grant should study carefully both the entrance, and proceeding requirements, the list of necessary documents and the sequence of steps for implementation of the grant project. The fund will analyse the provided information on compliance to all our rules and will submit for discussion of Grant committee", – Kirill Bulatov told.

The sequence of steps such is. At first the application for a grant is submitted.

"It is the small presentation on 6 sutevykh of the slides containing explanations on what project and how much money you ask. The cluster according to this application in 10 days makes the decision whether there corresponds an applicant to rules and whether the Fund can continue work with this project. If the application meets formal criteria, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents. It is the grant memorandum, the consisting maximum from 35 pages, and a number of annexes as legal (for example, the certificate of incorporation), and sutevy character, including more detailed description of technology. We will study the provided documents in two stages, they are accurately registered and formalized, – Kirill Bulatov continues. – Within the first check we look at the list of the filed documents and their compliance to a template. If any documents aren't enough or they are made not to a template, we send to the applicant the list of shortcomings which should be corrected".

After completion of formal check on which 10 working days leave the stage of internal examination of the application by the relevant structural divisions of Skolkovo Foundation begins. It is check on compliance to grant policy. The stage also occupies 10 working days and if during check reveal shortcomings, their list goes to the applicant to correction too.

"I urge to correct only those defects to which we pointed. Cases when they correct defects and those documents which weren't required to be changed are frequent, and receive the list of new shortcomings. We are quite often asked for what sum of a grant it is expedient to apply. Solve how much it will be required to you on implementation of the project within grant policy, – K. Bulatov advises. – As soon as you undergo internal testing, we prepare a package of documents for external experts, which happens from 3rd to 5 people.

These are recognized experts both in business, and in science and technologies. It becomes from this point understood that the application will reach Grant committee". At the same time, K. Bulatov notes, in agriculture and the industry to find experts in biotechnologies was very difficult. "These people have to be not just experts in concrete area, but also possess also broad outlook, good reputation and the international recognition. If someone from reading these lines is such expert and feels in himself knowledge base and the competences necessary for participation in the Skolkovo project, welcome. Press the Become the Expert of Fund button on our website".

The "Biotechnologies in Agriculture and the Industry" direction was isolated in structure of a biomedical cluster a year ago. Since August of last year the startups which are engaged in this direction could apply for microgrants (to 1,5 million) and minigrants (to 5 million) rubles. As for "big" grants, Kirill Bulatov explains, "all this year there was an active and deep discussion of a question with the market, with startups, experts from our pool and members of grant committee – only such serious and demanding time work can result in result". "Considering what the direction capacious and that is called very famous, we wanted to make very well and so that then there was no need to introduce essential amendments in the procedure", – Kirill Bulatov says. He expects that updating of grant policy of Skolkovo Foundation will attract the new startups which are engaged in agrarian technologies in ranks of residents of a biomedical cluster. "Much the quantity of startups will hardly grow, but "gingerbread" in the form of grant financing always helps".


Information posted 23.08.2016
Information changed 23.08.2016