Ivan Bortnik visited Rostov-on-Don

August 22, 2016 Advisor of the General Director of the Foundation for Assistance to innovation Ivan Bortnik visited Rostov-on-Don. The purpose of his visit was a visit to the Southern Federal University and the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity (TSMIT) "Fablab Southern Federal".

During the meeting with the leadership and residents fablaba, Ivan Bortnik said about the program "TSMIT", implemented with the support of the Foundation to promote innovation.

"The grants are intended to provide the equipment of youth innovative creativity centers, which are needed for revival in our country technical creativity clubs. Most importantly, the purchased equipment was a high-tech, safe for children, and that children can themselves perform it work. Thus, we can not just wake up in the guys interest in technology and develop their skills, but also allow themselves to invent something new, to give the start to future innovations, "- said Ivan Bortnik.

Also, a meeting was held with entrepreneurs and scientists from the Southern Federal University in the course of which they discussed the projects, plans to participate in international programs to promote innovation Fund.

Then Ivan Bortnik visited the Southern Federal University, where he told the staff of the University of the planned cooperation with the Republic Fund Armeniya.V turn, scientists and entrepreneurs shared their projects that are already implemented and planned to implement within the framework of joint work SFU and Armenian universities.

Information posted 30.08.2016
Information changed 30.08.2016