October 29 Industrial Coworking "Garage" will be a competition-review of works "Don assembly" Inventors

The event will take place at the festival "Plug EKOlogiku" of Don State Technical University (DSTU). The winners will be honored to work on an experimental model on a production basis DSTU.

The accepting applications continues from 1 September to 14 October. The age of participants is not limited. The show of will involve not only young inventors, but also experienced scientists. One of the main conditions is the presence of the material embodiment of the idea: a technical prototype, layout, working model.

DSTU is supporting higher education of Rostov region, in 2015 it was annexed to the Rostov State University of Civil Engineering. In supporting the university has about 45,000 students. Industrial coworking "Garage" was launched in February 2016.

Coworking became the basis for communication between developers of innovative ideas, CEOs and representatives of financing customers' development (investors, banks, support structures for business innovation).

Information posted 14.09.2016
Information changed 14.09.2016