The first stage of development of a new network route of Rostov

This was announced during a meeting on the development of the new scheme of the route network of public transport Rostov under the leadership of the deputy head of the City Administration for Transport and Roads Evgeny Lebedev.

It is important to note that the development of the route network circuit is Don State Technical University with the participation of experts of the Rostov State University of Communications and consultations with specialists from Germany and France.

It is also actively involved in the development of the Rostov bloggers take leading public opinion monitoring.

- The work is based on a survey of passenger and correspondence analysis of the road network of the city, the use of modern modeling techniques to calculate the network parameters, - said the head of research - Professor of the organization of transport and traffic Dstu Vladimir Zyryanov. - For the first time in Rostov similar work carried out according to international procedures.

In the course of the work carried out the following main stages: a GIS model city road network, public transport infrastructure, zoning in the GIS in the city into zones with data on populations, approaches to stopping points, roads, etc., to create a database for the.. speed and time of the public traffic on sections of the route network.

In addition, the calculation made correspondence, passenger survey questionnaire residents studying passenger commuter routes in the city.

Completed analysis of the urban and suburban rail passenger services and the development of schemes of work Bahn, payment options route network, the calculation of indicators of quality public transport route network of the southern capital.

- It is impossible to build a high-quality route network, drawing beautiful lines on a map of the city, - said Vladimir Zyryanov, - it is necessary to consider features of the settlement at the micro level, the characteristics of the road network, especially the organization of traffic.

To calculate the area of ​​the city traffic demand parameters it has been divided into 157 zones with the definition of the population in each region, characteristic places of attraction, the streets of the release, suitable for public transport, access routes to the stopping points.

All these data allow us to adapt to a particular route network traffic demand.

Information posted 13.10.2016
Information changed 13.10.2016