Landscaping around the stadium

The main issues that have been announced at the meeting of the Governor Vasily Golubev were landscaping next to the stadium "Rostov-Arena" and the provision of engineering and transport infrastructure of this stadium.

Works will begin in April 2017 with the south, with a water area, then continue on the western and eastern approaches.
First, will be create a pedestrian area near the stadium. Then will be lawns, planted grass and flowers.
Planting trees: maples, lindens, acacias, will be start from October 2017.
- Landscaping around the stadium must be of high quality, - said the governor. - This whole area will work for the benefit of people for decades, and so it is important now attentive to the issues of improvement.
Today stadium constructed by 70%. Erected roofing, internal finishing works are carried out. It is planned that the facility will be commissioned in December 2017.

Information posted 20.10.2016
Information changed 20.10.2016