Information about implementation of the investment project

24.10.2016 the Working Group on support of investment projects visited the construction site of the shopping center "Lenta". It is situated  at Rostov-on-Don, 14-line street, 84.

The meeting was attended Irina Telarova, Director of the Department of Consumer Market of Rostov Region, Svetlana Kambulova, Director of  the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don, Anna Nor-Arevyan, Director of the Department of Housing and energy of Rostov-on-Don, Yuri Cherevichenko, chief engineer of the Water and Sanitation sector of Rostov-on-Don, Yuri Polyakov, head of the Proletarian district administration, and representatives of  OOO"Lenta".


The investment project for the construction of shopping complex "Lenta" is included in the "List of investment Rostov-on-Don projects".

During the meeting, the working group discussed connection (reconnection) of property owners bordering with a platform under construction shopping complex, the existing reconstructed (facelifted) utilities. Following the discussion the parties reached agreement on reconnection to plumbing and connection to the gas boiler. Commissioning of the shopping complex scheduled for November 2016. Construction and installation work in the final stage.
In the construction of OOO "Lenta" took more than 1 billion rubles. The project will create about 300 jobs.

Information posted 24.10.2016
Information changed 24.10.2016