The list of implemented investment projects will present for rostovites

The first Deputy of the Rostov town Governor Sergey Kuznetsov has held a regular meeting of the investment Council under the head of the city Administration on 2 November.

According to Sergey Kuznetsov, the work on formation of the list of investment projects is conducted systematically. Over three quarters of 2016 the company sold 10 investment projects.

The largest projects were the family leisure complex "One sky", a residential complex "Watercolor" with underground Parking, the organization of high-tech private clinic "Hippocrates". The emergence of a new Ferris wheel "One sky" at the Theatre square became the decoration of the don capital.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank "Center-invest" Vasily Vysokov proposed to amend the sections of the portal "Investment and innovation", which highlights investment activity of Rostov-on-don. A special section with a list of implemented investment projects that were previously included in the List of investment projects of the don capital will appear on this website. Council members supported this idea.

In addition, the work of the Commission on selection of investors for allocation of subsidies was evaluated. Six subjects of investment activities will receive financial support From the city budget allocated 18 million roubles. All funds received are directed to the payment of interest on credit agreements. Grantees will retain 1430 jobs.

Director of the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don Svetlana Kamburova proposed to amend the "List of investment projects". Two investment projects excluded from the list: Medical center "Hippocrates" and two shops for the sale of meat and duck. Because the period of its implementation is over. Their volume of investments amounted to 105 million rubles.

In addition, 12 projects were excluded from the list. Because their implementation is suspended. Their volume of investments amounted to 14 billion rubles.

Five new projects were added to the list:

- the construction of an apartment building with public premises and underground parking at the M. Gorky str., 118. The house total area is 33.8 thousand square meters of the Total project cost is 821 million rubles.

- construction of residential houses with objects of public appointment on the 1st floors and underground parking on Koroleva St., 20 A. The total cost of the project is 485,7 million rubles.

- construction of 2-storey shop with a total area of 760 sq. m on 40-letiya Pobedi avenue. Total project cost is 50 million rubles.

- the third phase construction of multi-storey residential house with public premises on the 2-Barrikadnaja street, 4. The volume of investments is 500 million rubles.

- construction of a residential complex at the address of the Locomotivnaya street, 2. The volume of investment is 9 billion rubles.

Now the List consists of 138 projects for a total amount 304,8 billion rubles.

Information posted 03.11.2016
Information changed 03.11.2016