Stadium "Rostov-arena" is ready for 70%

External engineering networks almost fully ready, despite the fact that the beginning of works is planned for March 2017. The work on the water supply and Sewerage is performed by 87 and 85% respectively, the storm sewer is ready by 81.5%. Retaining wall, construction of which was scheduled to begin in April, ready on 100% .

Concrete and civil works are implemented ahead of plan. In addition, the facade actively is setted (the side framing is mounted on 88,5%).

The builders are actively engaged in the landscaping around the "Rostov-Arena": the vertical layout is performed by 45%. Now laying of 20 thousand square meters of paving slabs is carried out, and later, a pedestrian boulevard, lawns and flower beds will appear. Besides, the phased planting of trees – maples, lindens and Acacias will be made.

Recall that the stadium "Rostov-arena" will be completed in December 2017 under the agreement.

Information posted 23.11.2016
Information changed 23.11.2016