The project of reconstruction of the southern entrance to Rostov-on-don discussed in the city Administration

The creation of a modern transport infrastructure of the left bank of the Don river in anticipation of the world Cup 2018 was discussed at the meeting of the head of the city Administration Vitaly Kushnarev.  The question of reconstruction of the South entrance to Rostov was considered in detail.

The existing southern entrance to the city has 4 lanes, the intensity of its transport stream 600 is 60 vehicles per day. After the reconstruction of the porch will be expanded to 6-8 lanes and increase its capacity doubled to 120,000 vehicles per day.

Reversals in different levels will provide transport links Temernitsky bridge Voroshilovsky bridge, the planned equestrian center – city of Rostov-on-don and the memorial complex "the Cart". The total length of the viaducts will be 305,56 m. the Existing bridge will be demolished and in its place will be built an 8-lane bridge with a length 769,07 meters.

Large-scale transport project is divided into 2 stages. The first phase will be completed in may 2018.

Information posted 07.12.2016
Information changed 07.12.2016