Information for officials of enterprises and organizations, individual entrepreneurs of Rostov-on-Don city!


for officials of enterprises and organizations,

individual entrepreneurs

of Rostov-on-Don city!

Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don extended the deadline of document’s reception from entrepreneurs, organizations and individual entrepreneurs to obtain the subsidies for reimbursement part of expenses to pay loans obtained for investment purposes, including innovative orientation to November, 28, 2014.

The backing is carried out in accordance with the decision of the City Administration from 26.10.2012, № 930 “About approval of the Regulation for granting the subsidies in order to recover the part of the cost of loans obtained for investment purposes, including innovative orientation” (rev. from 22. 09. 2014).

Subsidies are provided to legal entities (commercial organizations) and individual entrepreneurs registered in the city of Rostov-on-Don, which implements their activity at the territory of the Rostov-on-Don city and the Rostov region.

The grant is given in order to recover the part of the cost of loans for investment purposes, including the innovative orientation obtained by investors in microfinance institutions founded by the subject of the Russian Federation (the executive authority of the Russian Federation) or local authority, and (or) credit institutions of the Russian Federation.

The provision of grants is made under the credit agreements (exception — the loans in foreign currency), borrowed for the construction and (or) reconstruction of buildings for their own use, structures and (or) the purchase of equipment, including the replenishment of working funds in order to create and (or) develop and (or) the modernization of the production of goods (works, services), including those aimed to the introduction of new or significantly improved product (goods and services) or process.

The subsidies are provided for reimbursement of expenses incurred by the borrower to pay interest for the period up to 12 months preceding the month in which the application is submitted.

The subsidies are granted to loans’ borrowers in the amount of 30 percent from the actual cost incurred by the borrower to pay interest.

The grant is given for one or more loans received by the borrower. The total amount of subsidy per borrower is not more than 1.5 million rubles.

Documents required for the formation of an application for the right to receive grants:

1. An application for a grant.

2. The certificate of employer about established minimum workers’ wage and about the absence of arrears of wages on the 1st day of the month in which the application, certified by the head and chief accountant (if any) for the grant is filed.

3. Copies of the loan agreement signed by the borrower and the lender, loan repayment schedule (if any) certified on each sheet by the lender.

4. Extract from the loan and (or) the settlement account of borrower confirming the receipt of the loan, certified by the lender.

5. Copies of the contracts concluded by the borrower confirming the construction and (or) reconstruction of buildings for their own use, structures and (or) the purchase of equipment.

6. Copies of payment orders and statements of the current account of the borrower confirming the intended use of the loan, certified by the lender.

7. Calculation of the amount of the subsidy in order to recover part of the cost of paying interest on loans, certified by the borrower.

8. Information about the activities of the organization (individual entrepreneur) and the main parameters of the current project.

9. A copy of the business plan of the investment project or approved feasibility study (calculated in the currency of the Russian Federation), certified by the borrower (if any).

10. The explanatory note that reflects the direction of investments, which is received as a loan, as well as their innovative component (if any).

11. Copies of the labor contracts with employees with disabilities (if any), signed and stamped, and copies of documents proving their belonging to this category.

12. The information contained in the Unified State Register of legal persons or the Unified State Register of individual entrepreneurs. *

13. Certificate about the execution of duties of paying taxes, fees, penalties, fines by the taxpayer*

14. Data about revenue (income) specified in the tax returns and forms of accounting. *

15. Data about the average number of employees contained in the calculation of accrued and paid insurance inpayments for compulsory pension insurance to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the mandatory health insurance in the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance by fund payers of insurance inpayments, making payments and other compensations to individuals.*


* Documents are presented by an organization or an individual entrepreneur or are requested by the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don in the authorized body.

The reception of documents is carried out in the department of investment policy of the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don (47, Bolshaya Sadovaya str, , c. 413, tel. / fax:242-57-45,242-57-34,E-mail: invest @

Information posted 05.11.2014
Information changed 05.11.2014