In the Rostov region will be able to give to investors the earth in rent without the auction

The governor Vasily Golubev brought in Legislative meeting of the Rostov region the bill according to which investors will be able to receive the earth in rent without passing of the auction. About it on Wednesday, February 18, journalists were reported by the chairman of Legislative Assembly Victor Deryabkin.

- The Federal law allocated the highest official of the subject  governor powers on providing to legal entities rent of the land plots which are in state ownership without tendering. It is about objects of household, welfare appointment and about large-scale investment projects, - Victor Deryabkin noted.

The speaker explained that in order that the investment project was recognized large-scale, it has to be included in the Russian Federation state program or areas; has to correspond to the volume of investment, the size of investments made by the investor in implementation of projects. For example, for the project in the sphere of municipal services the volumes of investment have to be not less than 100 million Besides, investors have to create a certain quantity of workplaces, guarantee the size of taxes and other obligatory payments in the budget of the Rostov region, etc.

- Main thing essence of this project & mdash; to achieve efficiency in the solution of a question. For example, Guardian comes to the Rostov region. At what competition it needs to provide the earth? I don't even know. Who can compete with it with on production of glass? Someone can be and will come for competition to break some money with Guardian. And to forbid this company to participate in competition under the law it is impossible, - Victor Deryabkin explained.

Such initiatives are urged to facilitate to businessmen work. But as will be in reality, and whether it will turn into distribution of the earth, will show only time. The law comes into force since March 1, 2015.

Information posted 20.02.2015
Information changed 20.02.2015