60 startups "tricked out" their projects in the business accelerator of Rostov

60 startups tricked out their projects in the business accelerator of Rostov

In Rostov-on-Don, ended the educational program of innovative business accelerator. The program was organized by the Department of Economics of the City of Rostov-on-Don and ANO “Firon”.

The goal of the program was to implement training (acceleration) of potential entrepreneurs, participants of innovative projects, to ensure their intensive development, by building an understanding of the process of creating a viable innovative business.

Accelerator training lasted 4 weeks, which included lectures and online webinars on modules:

  •     "Project work and a business plan"
  •     "Commercialization of the project"
  •     “Work with project stakeholders”
  •     "Presentation of the project"

A number of speakers and practical practitioners in various fields, as well as teachers specializing in the creation, development and promotion of innovative projects took part in the accelerator.

July 13, 2019 a pitch-session was held with the participation of experts, where 22 projects were heard in 5 areas:

  •     information Technology
  •     medicine and health technology
  •     new materials and chemical technologies
  •     new appliances and intelligent manufacturing technologies
  •     resource-saving energy.

A number of projects participating in the program by experts were particularly noteworthy:

Smart suit IoT from the company "Interra", which is a system of sensors that signal a danger to human life in the field of construction or production.

Dmitry Rudko defended the development of an automatic full-flow universal valve that allows to separate liquid and gas and protects liquid and gas from reverse.

The information system “GlavOkhota” was presented by the participant Girin Aleksey - “GlavOkhota” is an information system in which all information on hunting grounds of Russia is provided, indicating the number of vouchers for each group of game and the timing of its production. With digital services to pay membership fees, maps of hunting grounds, calendar of the hunter.

The Estrella project is the development of Master TsBU LLC, dedicated to the creation of an IT ecosystem in the b2b and b2c segment to preserve existing and create new businesses in the areas of taxi, logistics, product delivery and the development of urbanization utilization.

Following the results of the presentations, the experts assessed the diversity of projects, noted interesting and gave some recommendations to the participants who will help develop the project in the future. They selected 25 participants from 60 startups who will be trained to protect projects for investors.
An innovative business accelerator was created in Rostov-on-Don on the initiative of the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don. The selection for participation took place from April 29 to June 10. In the period from June 15 to July 13, 2019 passed the first stage of the accelerator - a training program.
The business accelerator is organized at the Rubin co-working site. Rubin is the largest coworking in the South of Russia, created for entrepreneurs. The opening of the coworking took place in May 2019.

mail: accel@firon.org,
Telephone: 8 (918) 512-51-16, Daria.
Coworking "Rubin", Prospect Theater, 85.

Information posted 18.07.2019
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