Rostov was the 5th in a rating of investment attractiveness of cities according to researches of the Russian Union of Engineers

    The Russian Union of Engineers examined 164 cities which population is more than 100 thousand people, for the purpose of determining their investment attractiveness condition. According to "General rating of the Russian cities attractiveness - 2011" Rostov-on-Don is the fifth.
    The first four places of the rating were taken by Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg. Krasnodar next to Rostov was the 7th in the list.
    Researchers considered population dynamics is a chief indicator of investment attractiveness. Total 13 indexes were considered in: transport infrastructure, ecological capital, accommodation availability, housing sector, demography, innovative activity, engineering infrastructure, staff, social infrastructure, social dimension of society, welfare of citizens and the city economics. Researchers explained their non-standard approach to cities assessment: "On the one part, people direct to highly developed cities with good accommodation for living, on the other part population inflow promotes economic development. This thesis is confirmed by all-Russian tendency of growth of the majority of cities millionaires and degradation of small settlements. Therefore importance of population dynamics index is the highest one".
    For more information on research methods and results you can visit an official site of the Russian Union of Engineers – www.российский-союз-инженеров.рф
Information posted 21.11.2012
Information changed 21.11.2012