Sergey Gorban answered questions from entrepreneurs Pershamaiski district

The meeting gathered in the administration of Pervomaisky district about 20 heads of large enterprises took part Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Rostov region Oleg Dereza, Deputy Head of City Administration on organizational, legal and personnel matters Victor Fomin, deputy head of the City Administration for Economic Affairs Sergey Razdorskiy , director of the city Department of Economy Svetlana Kambulova and head of Pervomaisky district Constantine Solon.

The meeting was held in the format "business lunch". Over a cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere, Sergey Gorban told businessmen about the prospects for socio-economic development of the Don capital and answered their questions.

According to the head of the Administration of the city, the economic situation on the First District, as well as in the whole city, at the end of last year - quite stable. Today in the region registered 10.4 tys.yuridicheskih entities and individual entrepreneurs. It employs large enterprises such as LLC "Combine Plant" Rostselmash ", JSC" Device ", OJSC" Granite ", OJSC" Diamond ", NP of" Phase ", LLC" JAN ", JSC" KSM-10 ", JSC" DONAVIA ", OAO" Rostov Civil Aviation Plant №412 ».

Well-developed trade sector. Increases the average wage. According to recent data, its size is about 33 thousand rubles. This is higher than in the whole city.

Information posted 25.03.2015
Information changed 25.03.2015