Rostov authorities to discuss with residents of the left bank preparations for the 2018 World Cup

City authorities will discuss with each resident of the left bank of site preparation for the FIFA World Cup, according to the official website of the City Hall Rostov.

April 6, an extended operational Planernoe meeting the Head of Administration of the city, where the first deputy mayor, Sergei Kuznetsov, briefed colleagues on the preparation of the Don capital to the games of the World Cup in 2018.

"Left Bank should be a model. That it will be located the main objects of the FIFA World Cup. Looking at him, will judge everything Rostov. We must reach every household, to communicate with each resident, consult and come to a decision. People need to be heard. And as soon as the citizens understand what together we can make our city better come positive changes, "- addressed the audience Sergei Ivanovich.

Information posted 09.04.2015
Information changed 09.04.2015