"Rostov Combine of Bakeries" produces high-quality products, which are valued far beyond the region

Rostov Combine of Bakeries produces high-quality products, which are valued far beyond the region

Rostov Combine Bakeries (part of the corporation Glencore International AG) is one of the largest enterprises of the Leninsky district of the Don capital. Svetlana Kambulova, Deputy Head of the Rostov Administration for Economics, visited the plant on a working visit.

The main activity of the enterprise is grain transshipment. On the territory of the plant there are three large elevators. There are also three railway stations and five auto receptions. 30 percent of the grain comes by rail, including from Kazakhstan. The plant takes 11-12 tons of grain per day.

At present, at its own expense, work is underway to reconstruct railway reception No. 3, the sewage system, as well as to build a site for transporting vehicles and dismantling the old one and installing a new fire line.


The company closely monitors the quality of its products, not allowing even the smallest violations. A representative office of the Rosselkhoznadzor is located on the territory of the plant, there is also a center for assessing the quality of grain. The company's products are valued far beyond the Don capital. Rostov Combine of Bread Products exports grain to Sudan, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Armenia and other countries of near and far abroad.

Here advanced technologies are introduced. The main requirement for employees - versatility. All of them should be interchangeable. Employees who showed themselves from the best side receive bonuses in the amount of two wages at the end of the year.

At the Rostov Combine of bakery products closely monitor compliance with safety regulations. It is forbidden to appear on the production without protective equipment, and all the factory premises of the plant are equipped with sensors that control the amount of oxygen and hazardous substances in the air. The health and safety of their own workers are dominant here.

“It is important that the company monitors the safety of workers and pays them decent wages,” Svetlana Kambulova emphasized at the end.

During a visit to the plant, the deputy mayor for economics spoke with the management, the plant’s staff and answered their questions.

Information posted 19.07.2019