A New Cancer Center will be built in Rostov-On-Don

A New Cancer Center will be built in Rostov-On-Don

The Don Center will be equipped with the newest diagnostic and medical equipment that has no analogues either in the South or in the North Caucasus federal districts.

The governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev got acquainted with the clinic equipment on July 2 in St. Petersburg in the medical diagnostic center of the International S. Berezin Institute of Biological Systems. The Don Governor also visited the newly erected center for proton therapy. St. Petersburg has already begun to install unique equipment, promising to accept the first patient in late 2017.

By this time the creation of the Don Cancer Centerwill start in Rostov-on-Don. It will be built on the public-private partnership. The land plot with engineering communications has already been allocated on 39 Vyatka Street.

The concession agreement is currently being finalized. Two companies were willing to participate in the concession, and the contractor will be determined at the open tender. The winner will have to erect and equip the oncology center for 24 months – all at its own expense. After the end of the concession period, the center will become a regional health care institution.

The Don Center will be equipped with a cyclotron, as well as position-emission tomography, which will allow to accurately detect tumors up to several millimeters in size. Of the medical equipment, the most unique will be the five linear accelerators, one of which will operate in a cyber-knife mode.

This equipment is more high-tech than that is currently available in Rostov region oncological clinics. It is to be recalled that at present, only three out of five oncological dispensaries in the Rostov region haveradiological units.

It is important that treatment in the new Don Cancer Center for patients will be free of charge with the referral.

Information posted 04.07.2017
Information changed 10.07.2017