Alexey Logvinenko: “Attracting investment is a real way to solve the socio-economic problems of the territory”

Alexey Logvinenko: “Attracting investment is a real way to solve the socio-economic problems of the territory”

During the meeting, representatives of the business community made presentations on new and ready-to-complete investment projects aimed at solving social and economic problems.

One of them is the Smart City project.

The director of the Rostov branch of PJSC Rostelecom Sergey Mordasov spoke about him.

He noted that “Smart City” is a city-planning concept of integrating many information and communication technologies (ICT) for managing urban infrastructure: transport, education, healthcare, housing and communal services, security, etc. The goal of creating a “smart city” is to improve the quality of life of residents using urban informatics technology to increase service efficiency and meet the needs of residents.

The Smart City project proposed by the investor includes 3 elements: The Rostov-on-Don Street Lighting System and Smart Stops, and the modernization of the video surveillance system.

The essence of the first part of the project is the replacement of 42,000 LED lighting fixtures, integration with the existing control system.

Investments - at least 400 million rubles. Effect - 100% lighting performance; operational management; resource savings of more than 60% of consumption for 2019.

“Smart stops” are structures made of modern vandal-resistant materials with media screens, equipped with a free Wi-Fi data network, security system: video surveillance with video analytics within the framework of the “Safe City” and the transmission of messages about civil defense and emergencies, as well as useful information services for citizens cities.
The project involves replacing obsolete stops at the expense of extrabudgetary funds, which will contribute to the development of transport infrastructure and increase the tourist attractiveness of the city.

In total, it is planned at the expense of the investor to modernize 1200 stopping complexes in Rostov, starting from the central part of the city - Leninsky and Kirovsky districts. Investments - more than 700 million rubles.

Modernization of the video surveillance system will allow replacing all cameras (about 400) with modern digital ones, and this, according to the investor, will be a breakthrough in the city’s video surveillance system. All costs in this area are borne by the investor.

The possibility of implementing this investment project in Rostov will be considered by a specially created interdepartmental commission.

The individual entrepreneur Maria Schmidt informed about the completion of the project “Construction of the VICTORY-DON SPORT Children's and Youth Sports Center and the intention to build the second children and youth sports center”.

The investor implemented the project for the construction of the VICTORY-DON SPORT children's and youth sports center on 40th Anniversary of Victory Avenue, Rostov-on-Don, during 2018 - 2019. Currently, the construction of the facility is completed.

The center allows teaching children sports disciplines starting from the age of 3.

The investor expressed his intention to build another multifunctional sports center in Rostov. But this requires a land plot, which the investor can receive as a result of competitive procedures.

Note that the total investment in the project amounted to 38 million rubles, 12 jobs were created. The investor is ready to invest 80 million rubles in the second project.

Noteworthy is the hotel business project - the construction of the Marriott Courtyard complex on ul. Left Bank, 2K.

We are talking about a 10-story 4-star hotel "Marriott Courtyard" with a total area of ​​15,500 square meters, with 198 rooms, on a plot of 5,586 square meters, with an underground parking lot for 78 parking spaces.

As the head of the construction project Nikita Pendyurin said, the terms of the project from 2016 - 2020. The total volume of investments is 950 million rubles, of which 927 million rubles are currently disbursed.

Currently, the project is in the final stages of construction - the installation of internal engineering networks and internal finishing work.

The social effect of the investment project is the creation of about 70 jobs. Planned tax deductions to all budget levels - more than 16 million rubles per year.

As noted, the new hotel of international level is located outside the zone of dense development, with wonderful views of the Don and the Rostov-Arena stadium, which will undoubtedly make it attractive to guests of the Don capital.

The Investment Council also considered the issue of the implementation of the project “Reconstruction of the grain storage” (LLC “Rostov Grain Terminal”). The total investment in the project is 141.9 million rubles. Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for July 2020.

Following the meeting, changes were identified that will be made to the "List of investment projects of the city of Rostov-on-Don": now it will consist of 57 projects for a total amount of 244 billion rubles.

“We approach all investors' proposals carefully and are interested, understanding that investments help the city solve urgent issues of social and economic development,” emphasized Alexey Logvinenko. -

Information posted 03.07.2020
Information changed 03.07.2020