Applications for participation in the program "Development-SOPR" are accepted

Applications for participation in the program Development-SOPR are accepted

From the point of view of history, social entrepreneurship is a young phenomenon. Over the ocean, it exists for about 30 years, in Russia - less than 10 years. Despite the young age, the social business is gaining momentum every year. The formation of such eco-friendly entrepreneurship occurs at the expense of two existing trends: more and more commercial organizations are starting to focus on the social sphere within the framework of the strategy of sustainable development and lean production, while public organizations increasingly think about self-sufficiency and become full-fledged business entities.

In support of socially significant projects introducing new technologies, the Innovation Assistance Foundation announced the collection of applications for the Razvitie-Zapr program.

The purpose of the program: to provide financial support to small innovative enterprises to perform R & D as part of the implementation of high-tech projects to develop and master new types of high-tech products in the field of sports, the urban environment, ecology, social entrepreneurship.

Information posted 18.06.2019
Information changed 25.06.2019