A draft roadmap will be developed to improve the mechanism for attracting investors and supporting investment projects

A draft roadmap will be developed to improve the mechanism for attracting investors and supporting investment projects

At the next meeting of the Investment Council under the head of the Administration of the city of Rostov-on-Don, which took place in the congress hall of DSTU, the acting head of the Administration of the city, Alexey Logvinenko, proposed a qualitative change in approaches to working with investors, to make it more efficient and maximally meeting the interests of the city.

Such a statement was made by the acting mayor before starting the consideration of the agenda of the meeting, thereby identifying the criteria by which the state and prospects for the development of investment activities of the Administration of the Don capital will be considered.

“In order to change the situation, I have been instructed to develop a draft roadmap to improve the mechanism for attracting investors and accompanying investment projects, which will be sent to the heads of industry (functional) bodies of the Rostov-on-Don Administration for execution,” said Alexey Logvinenko. - It is necessary to switch to a service model of working with investors.

The executive head of the city administration instructed the leaders to reconsider their approach to municipal-private partnerships, not to allow formalism when developing a list of objects of concession agreements.

At the same time, it is important to use the experience of those municipalities that successfully implement projects in the field of housing and communal services, healthcare and public amenities.


“Municipal-private partnership is the reserve that will allow for comprehensively solving the tasks of the municipality,” emphasized Alexey Logvinenko. - It is especially important to inform each entrepreneur about the existing forms of support. Each investor must have up-to-date information on existing tax deductions and other preferences.


The head of the Voroshilov district administration Viktor Berezhnoy in his speech at the Council gave an analysis of the investment development of the territory, noting that the list of investment projects in the district consists of 6 projects and business proposals totaling 17.1 billion rubles.

This is “Rostov Vanguard”, included in the list of “100 Governor's investment projects”, - Construction of a cinema complex with shopping galleries and a hotel (32 D Nagibina Ave.); as well as ROSTov Investments - projects that are under implementation.

Among the major projects are “NORD Residential Complex (Microdistrict of the Northern Housing Estate along the north side of Orbitalnaya St. and Aksaysky District of Schepkin Village on the border with Rostov-on-Don)”, investor - PIK Stroy Customer LLC; “Residential complex“ Zvezdny ”(Patsaeva St., 3 A)”, investor LLC “Donstroy”; “Gorizont Residential Complex (16 Tibetskaya St.)”, the investor is YugSpetsStroy LLC, and a number of others.

The deputy director of the Donstroy Group of Companies Dmitry Bondar spoke about the progress in implementing one of these investment projects - Zvezdny Residential Complex (3 A Patsayeva St.).

Alexey Logvinenko drew the attention of the head of the Voroshilovsky district that the majority of investment projects implemented in the district are residential complexes, and developers did not initially intend to build social facilities in schools allocated to them - schools, kindergartens, and healthcare facilities.

“Today we have changed approaches, and permits for the construction of new residential complexes without social infrastructure are no longer issued,” the acting head emphasized. the mayor.

The Investment Council also considered the issue of the implementation of the investment project “Development of the transport payment system of the city of Rostov-on-Don and the functions of the operator of the transport payment system of the city of Rostov-on-Don”.

According to Alexey Toritsyn, Deputy General Director of ARPS LLC, from the beginning of the introduction of a cashless fare payment system in city public transport, the company, together with the government of the Rostov Region and the City Administration, has already implemented a number of projects aimed at improving the accounting of transportation, including , preferential categories of passengers, and opportunities for development are far from exhausted.

Currently, the company has concluded agreements with 16 transport companies that carry out regular passenger transportation along the municipal routes of the city of Rostov-on-Don. 1466 units of rolling stock, which actually go to the routes, are equipped with new terminals with the support of modern payment methods, including bank cards.


According to Alexei Toritsyn, the company is actively working with a number of banks operating in the city so that it is convenient to use transport cards.

Of particular interest at the Council was the investment project “Construction of the Arka Restaurant and Hotel Complex (114 A Sadovaya St.) already implemented in the Don capital”.

The investor - director of BS-Prime LLC Evgeny Karakushyan spoke about the features of this unique project for the Don capital, in the implementation of which almost 1 billion rubles were invested.


The essence of the project is the construction of a restaurant and hotel complex with 70 rooms, located in the center of Rostov-on-Don, with a unique architectural solution, premium 24/7 service, and a new security system.

The facility includes, along with the hotel, a Georgian restaurant complex with a summer terrace, a Japanese restaurant with panoramic views of the left bank of the Don, a multifunctional hall for events of any format, a conference hall for 150 people, 2 meeting rooms, a banquet hall for 95 people .

The investor was able to harmoniously “fit” the modern complex into the historical development of Bolshaya Sadovaya, while retaining the original look of the old buildings.


In conclusion, the deputy head of the city administration for economics Svetlana Kambulova informed the participants of the meeting of the Investment Council about the exclusion from the list of “ROSTOV investments” of the list of 5 projects for a total amount of 4.7 billion rubles, in connection with their completion. Taking into account the planned changes, the list will consist of 61 projects totaling 248.5 billion rubles.

Information posted 26.09.2019
Information changed 27.09.2019