Discussing Investment Projects in Voroshilovsky District of Rostov-on-Don

Discussing Investment Projects in Voroshilovsky District of Rostov-on-Don

On Tuesday, April 25, the Head of the City Administration Vitaly Kushnaryov held a meeting of the Investment Council.

He noted that no economy can develop stably and successfully without investments.

“Our goal is not the number of business offers, but their quality. That is, the effectiveness and implementation of projects,” said Vitaly Kushnaryov.

The Head of Voroshilovsky district Viktor Berezhnoy made a presentation. He said that the district investment council was constantly monitoring the situation, and at the moment, the List of Investment Projects in Rostov-On-Don included 14 projects for a total of RUB 23.8 billion rubles the regional registry.

meeting of the Investment Council

The largest are the construction of a cinema complex with shopping galleries and a parking lot on the territory of the Horizont Mall, a complex social center, Nord, Zvezdny and Horizont residential complexes, the Park cinema complex, as well as a significant social infrastructure – the Northern Market complex.

Investors and company representatives spoke in detail about the implementation of the projects.

They actively discussed investment projects related to housing construction. In particular, they talked about the construction of Nord residential complex located along the north side of Orbitalnaya Street and Aksaisky district on the border with Rostov. The project involves the construction of 16 residential complexes with on-ground and underground car parks and two open parking lots. According to Sergei Kamentsev, the Deputy Director for Construction of a separate unit of PIK Group of Companies, PJSC in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the project will cost RUB 9.6 billion. At the moment, a third of the funds have been used and four residential houses have been put into operation, while two are under construction. The completion of three residential buildings is planned for the second half of this year.

Also, they discussed the implementation of the second stage of the Northern Market food complex with a built-in parking lot located on 4B Cosmonauts Avenue.

This project will be an eight-story building. The first three stories will accommodate the food shopping center, the next three stories – for the built-in parking lot for 330 cars, and on the upper stories of the building there will be numerous public catering facilities, children’s entertainment centers, observation rooms, sports grounds and a conference hall. Today, the construction is conducted at the level of the fourth story. The project is planned to be completed by 2020. Vitaly Kushnaryov urged investors to accelerate the pace in order to complete the market construction before the deadline.

meeting of the Investment Council

Another attractive project for residents of the northern housing estate is the construction of the Park cinema complex at 19A/28Zh Cosmonauts Avenue. The work on the site is ahead of schedule. Investors plan to present the cinema complex to Rostovites at the end of this year.

The final investment project of today’s agenda is the construction of a cinema complex with shopping galleries and a parking lot on the territory of the Horizont Mall. It is to be recalled that the investment project also involves the construction of an open parking lot and a hotel. As the Commercial Director of Horizon Mall Gennady Pastukhov noted, to date, half a billion rubles have been allocated to the project. As regards the cinema complex, the reinforced concrete structure is completed by 70%, and the external engineering networks have been connected. As for the hotel, the excavations and the construction of a sheet pile are being carried out.

As a result of the meeting, changes were made to the List of Investment Projects.

Svetlana Kambulova, the Director of the Rostov-on-Don City Department of Economics, spoke about the monitoring of investment projects.

“On behalf of the head of the Administration, the Department and regional administrations have carried out an inventory of projects with a low probability and those that are not being implemented at the moment,” commented Svetlana Kambulova.

a meeting of the Investment Council

Thus, eight projects are excluded from the List due to their implementation for a total amount of RUB 2.2 billion:

- A multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex on Koroliova Avenue;

- A trade and service center of Toyota and Mercedes on 43 Malinovsky Street;

- A logistics complex for dry building mixtures and portland cement;

- A logistics terminal (a warehouse complex) with cell-based storage and in-depth processing of goods and extensive service support on 9 2-ya Lugovaya Street;

- A shopping center on 10 2-y Cherepichny Lane;

- Medical equipment production capacities at the Almaz plant on 16 Tupolev Street;

- Repair of the former Priboy cinema facade on 37/1 Beregovaya Street;

- A bicycle park at the Aviatorov Park;

Two projects for a total amount of RUB 1.13 billion were excluded from the Territory of GROWTH section, in particular:

- The production of self-adhesive materials from films (initiated by Mit, LLC). The scope of investments is RUB 800 million;

- A new type of the concession park complex on the territory of the Vitya Cherevichkin Children’s Park. The scope of investments is RUB 330 million.

In addition, a project (Investments of ROSTOV section) of Vremena Goda (Seasons) multi-story apartment houses with built-in public facilities and underground parking lots on 26, 28, 30 and 32 Siversa Ave. (investor – JSC YIT DON) was added to the List. The scope of investments will be RUB 2.6 billion, and the completion date is 2017-2021.

- As a result, the List will consist of 98 projects for a total of RUB 286.7 billion,” summed up Svetlana Kambulova.

Information posted 03.05.2017
Information changed 03.05.2017