Dmitry Chernyshov Paid Working Visit to Scientific and Technical Enterprise “Aviatest”

Dmitry Chernyshov Paid Working Visit to Scientific and Technical Enterprise “Aviatest”

Director of the City Economy Department Svetlana Kambulova, the Head of Entrepreneurship Support Department Margarita Fadeeva and the First Deputy Head of the Kirovsky District Administration Svetlana Sinyakova also took part in the working visit of the Deputy City Head for Economy.

The scientific and technical enterprise excursion was conducted by Vyacheslav Vorotilov, the Deputy General Director of OJSC STE Aviatest.

Representatives of the City Administration got acquainted with production shops and manufactured products. It should be noted that the enterprise is the developer and the supplier of the automated control systems used at monitoring of a technical condition of various types of flying machines. If we turn to the history, OJSC STE Aviatest is the assignee of the Rostov Design Bureau of Electromechanical Devices, originally created in the form of the State Experimental Design Bureau by the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1963 with the its subsequent renaming to the Rostov Design Bureau of Electromechanical Devices. Since 1996, STE Aviastest has been a part of the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (formerly FSUE RAC MiG).


During the existence of the enterprise, more than 40 types of land mobile automated systems and their modifications have been developed and transferred to mass production and operation. These products are in operation, both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

OJSC STE Aviatest has design, experimental and test facilities, production facilities and a system of technical support of its products.

The enterprise is located on two production sites, the first of which is located on 12 Voroshilovsky Avenue, where there is a research department, an experimental workshop and enterprise management. The second site is located on 50 Dnepropetrovskaya Street and, first of all, includes the pilot production workshops, the testing base, the chief process engineer and the chief power engineer services, the archive of technical documentation and warehouses.

As it was noted, in 2016 the pace of production at STE Aviastest increased significantly. Thus, the proceeds from the sale of manufactured products increased by RUB 168 million. The average monthly salary of the company’s employees grew by RUB 5.2 thousand and today is RUB 42.9 thousand.


Currently, the company’s main work is aimed at ensuring the implementation of contracts under the State Defense Order.

Dmitry Chernyshov wished the leadership and the workforce not to lose momentum gathered over the past year.

Information posted 11.05.2017
Information changed 11.05.2017