Dmitry Chernyshov: “Rostov’s Light Industry Demonstrating Positive Dynamics”

Dmitry Chernyshov: “Rostov’s Light Industry Demonstrating Positive Dynamics”

Dmitry Chernyshov, the Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economic Affairs, paid a working visit to Family Active, LLC. The meeting was also attended by Svetlana Kambulova, Director of the City Economy Department, Margarita Fadeeva, the Head of Entrepreneurship Support Department, and Svetlana Sinyakova, the First Deputy Head of the Kirovsky District Administration.

Today, the multibusiness company is the assignee of the Sewing Factory No. 4 that was opened in the building on 80 Temernitskaya Street in 1940 and specialized in tailoring men’s suits.

The mass production of garments is currently the main activity of the enterprise. Today, the enterprise manufactures products in their entirety, starting with the development of the model, making a set of patterns, cutting the fabric and sewing the finished product.

Family Active

Oleg Gospodenko, the Deputy General Director of the company, said that apart from the suits, the company produces trousers, men’s coats, jackets, and clothes for schoolchildren of different ages: suits, trousers, vests for boys and girls, skirts and jackets for girls.

“It all begins with the idea of our designer. Our employees closely follow the latest trends in fashion – they study the latest collections of world producers, attend exhibitions and take into account the preferences of potential customers,” said Oleg Gospodenko, the Deputy General Director of Family Active, LLC.

After the trade and production departments approve the collection, material and accessories are purchased. Cutters have their own business – to make a pattern with pinpoint precision, fuse, sew together and press the seams, and then joint all the tiniest parts of a future suit.

Family Active

The largest workshop at the enterprise is the sewing unit. Only women work here. It should be noted that today, Family Active employs 290 people, and most of them are women. The advanced equipment allows managing various scopes and terms.

It should be added that Family Active is one of the largest producers of men’s suits and clothes in the south of Russia.

The sales geography has long gone beyond the limits of Rostov region. Products under the Modern TM are actively sold in Voronezh and Astrakhan regions, as well as Krasnodar Territory.

In addition, the company has a tailoring shop producing custom men’s and women’s clothing. According to the enterprise head, in recent years customers tend not to buy ready-made clothes but order them in a tailor’s shop.

Summarizing the meeting, the Deputy Mayor noted that there was a positive trend in the light industry of the city.

Information posted 11.05.2017
Information changed 11.05.2017