DSTU scientists together with Professor of the University of Sydney examine biomaterials for implantation

DSTU scientists together with Professor of the University of Sydney examine biomaterials for implantation

Within three years, Don State Technical University (DSTU) will receive budget funding in the amount of 90 million roubles for the examination of mechanical properties of synthetic materials and biological tissues. By analysing the interaction of the implant and the surrounding tissues, scientists will develop methods of creation of durable implants that will not be rejected by the body.

The scientific team is headed by Professor of the University of Sydney, Michael Swain, and is attended by students, postgraduates, employees of DSTU and leading universities of Rostov-on-Don, as well as medical experts from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Our goal is to conduct an interdisciplinary research, which will combine fundamental knowledge and medical practice,” – Professor Michael Swain noted. Professionals in the field of mathematics, engineering and additive technologies work in DSTU, and we also will involve biologists from other universities.

The scientific group will conduct researches in several stages. Scientists plan to study the microstructure and mechanical properties of various structural components of tooth and eye tissues within three years.

In parallel, specialists will be engaged in mathematical modelling of mechanical behaviour of the implant, healthy tooth and adjacent tissues of the oral cavity. The research results can be applied in restorative ophthalmic surgery and restorative dentistry.

Background information. Michael Swain is an internationally famous scientist, Professor of the University of Sydney. The total number of his publications indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection database is 627, the Hirsch index is 62. The areas of his research interests are materials science, biomaterials, dental materials, ceramics.

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Professor's comment:

— There are a lot of laboratories in the world who make research of biomaterials. But, as a rule, they are focused on different areas: in some laboratories the scientists develop methods of mathematical simulation, in some others the scientists do 3D printings, in the other ones they do investigations of biomaterials from the clinical point of view. Our target is to conduct a cross-disciplinary research which will consolidate fundamental science and clinical practice, — said professor Michael Swain. — Professionals in mathematics, engineering and additive technologies work at DSTU. Also we plan to involve scientists in bio technologies from other universities. It will be the first complex research that will enable to develop the methodic which is necessary for implants engineering. DSTU provides good conditions for our activities, I have very positive outcomes regarding my work with the young scientists who are here, the laboratory is equipped with top quality equipment.

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Information posted 18.10.2018
Information changed 22.10.2018