Growth of External Trade Value of Rostov Companies in the 1st Quarter of This Year Amounted 14%

Growth of External Trade Value of Rostov Companies in the 1st Quarter of This Year Amounted 14%

The day before the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship there was a regular meeting of the Council for Entrepreneurship under the City Administration, chaired by the Deputy Head of the Administration for Economics Dmitry Chernyshov, held in Rostov.

Dmitry Chernyshov congratulated the gathered on the professional holiday and noted that Rostov was distinguished by the high level of business activity. Today Rostov small and medium-size business amounts 76 thousands of small and medium-size business entities, which officially employ more than a half of the working population. The share of small business in the total turnover of enterprises and organizations is about 35%, and the share of small and microenterprises in the total volume of investments to fixed assets is 25%. The growth of external trade value of Rostov companies in the 1st quarter of this year amounted 14%. At that the turnover of enterprises reached the level of 1.3 million tons.


The extension of Rostov business activity scope and output to the foreign markets was discussed in the course of the Council meeting. The industrial structure of Rostov export today is cereals, sunflower oil, ferrous metal scrap, medicines, agricultural machinery and mechanisms. The main contracting countries for city enterprise export are Turkey, Egypt and Italy.

Rostov Export Center is one of the successful tools in operation with the foreign markets. Its work was described by the Head of separate subdivision of the center in Rostov-on-Don – Alexander Saneev.

The representatives of Vozrozhdenie and Sberbank banks also told about their programs of foreign economic activities support for entrepreneurs.

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Information posted 24.05.2018
Information changed 29.05.2018