Competition "Innovations against the crisis"

Competition Innovations against the crisis

Successful business in a crisis and pandemic is a reality!

To develop a company today, an entrepreneur needs to "keep his finger on the pulse" and act quickly. Innovative digital technologies and communications, an online personnel management system and automated work with clients in a remote format are the key to success.

The Moscow innovation Agency offers you 58 solutions-participants of the competition "Innovations against the crisis" with free access for a limited period of time.

Do you want to increase the number of clients and improve online communication?
Choose a chatbot for communicating with users, a service for automating cold calls, artificial intelligence in the call center service, or a platform for integrating application channels.

Are you planning to set up business processes and simplify your routine? Implement online accounting and document management services, automate audits, and create corporate platforms.

Think about how to make the business model more modern? We have solutions to build the company's digital ecosystem.

You can apply for testing of any number of services until August 8, 2020 by following the link:

Information posted 02.07.2020
Information changed 02.07.2020