Competition "Socium-CT" for the completion and scaling of digital services

Competition Socium-CT for the completion and scaling of digital services

The Innovation Promotion Foundation announces the start of selection for the "Socium-CT" competition (SOCIAL DISTANCING, Study and Medicine).

The competition is held in order to financially support the finalization and (or) scaling of innovative projects aimed at the development of digital services that improve the quality of life online.

You can apply through the AS Fond-M system at

The competition is aimed at selecting projects in the following areas:

1. Social distancing - solutions to ensure physical distance between people and adherence to self-isolation during the spread of an infectious disease.

2. Work - solutions for remote work and online employment.

3. Learning - solutions for remote learning.

4. Leisure - leisure solutions, gaming services.

5. Healthcare - systems for diagnostics, health monitoring and vaccination, telemedicine.

6. Recommender services - solutions for recommending and targeting content and technologies for them.

7. Communication services - messengers, social networks, video hosting platforms and technologies for them.

8. Content generation - services and platforms for generating and creating information content and technologies for them.

9. Online services - services and platforms for providing services online and / or ensuring the transition to online

Main parameters of the provided support:

  •     Grant size - up to 20 million rubles;
  •     Extra-budgetary co-financing (at the expense of own or borrowed funds) - at least 25% of the grant amount;
  •     The term of the project is 12 or 18 months.

Companies can participate in the competition:

  •     related to small according to No. 209-FZ of 24.07.2007 and the unified register of small and medium-sized businesses;
  •     who have no outstanding grant agreements with the Foundation.

Priority is given to projects with a large target audience coverage, scalability potential and expected social impact.

Applications for the "Socium-CT" competition will be accepted from 10:00 (Moscow time) on August 6, 2020 to 10:00 (Moscow time) on August 31, 2020.

Information posted 07.08.2020
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