LLC NPO Turbulence-DON launches a new investment project

LLC NPO Turbulence-DON launches a new investment project

The group of companies "Turbulence-DON" develops, produces and produces commercial metering devices for gas, liquid, thermal energy: household and industrial devices, telemetry systems. The company has been operating since 1998. Today, its products are presented both in the Russian market and in the neighboring countries.

This is the only company in the country that manufactures measuring instruments for household and industrial energy metering, based on four physical measurement principles: hot-wire, ultrasonic, jet and electromagnetic, which allows to solve a wide range of problems in the field of flow measurement. To meet the changing demands of the market, developments are constantly being upgraded.

Every year the company releases new products. Almost the entire product line of the company is included in the "100 best goods of Russia", marked with the mark "Excellence in Quality." The enterprise includes production areas of 20 thousand square meters, its own design bureau, metrological service, where all products are tested. Some test installations are unique, in Russia there are no analogues.

Svetlana Kambulova, Deputy Head of the Rostov Administration for Economics, visited the Turbulence-DON NGO and spoke with the team. She informed the audience about the socio-economic development of the city, the implementation of activities aimed at fulfilling the tasks identified in the National Projects.

    “Today, NPO Turbulence-DON LLC is a socially-oriented enterprise and makes a worthy contribution to the development of the southern capital,” added Svetlana Kambulova.

After her speech, the deputy head of the city administration discussed a number of issues with various employees on various topics, from repair and construction of roads in the city to personal problems of the participants.

On this day, the chairman of the board of directors of NPO Turbulence-DON LLC, Igor Amural, showed Svetlana Kambulova a new investment project. The plant will manufacture printed circuit boards for gas and water equipment manufactured by the enterprise. Its cost is about 5 million rubles. They plan to launch the project in a month.

Information posted 01.08.2019
Information changed 01.08.2019